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KKT Treatment

Proven to HELP Individuals
with the following conditions




KKT Treatment Technology

KKT (Khan Kinetic Treatment) technology is a highly sophisticated, non-invasive, evidence-based medical treatment designed to easily and painlessly realign the spine and regenerate cellular tissue. It utilizes your unique signature sound frequencies to address core spinal distortions and disturbances. KKT’s integrated diagnostic and treatment system along with its intensive orientation places it ahead of all other treatment options.

 The KKT treatment can have a significant impact on your physical health by:
  • Reducing or eliminating pain;
  • Promoting tissue regeneration to remedy narrowing and loss of normal disk height;
  • Arresting bone degeneration that lead to osteophytes or bone spurs;
  • Repairing and strengthening tendons and ligaments;
  • Enhancing coordination;
  • Increasing range of motion; and
  • Improving posture.

KKT Treatment is supported and advanced through ongoing studies:

  • Spinal Regeneration
  • Decrease in Pain
  • Treatment of Chronic Pain